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We have compiled and answered a list of the questions our consumers most frequently ask us to help improve your experience of our products. They will tell you everything you need to know about how to store and prepare our mashes and our vegetable stews.

You’ll notice from these frequently asked questions that Créaline mashes and vegetable stews are simple and practical to use and prepared using only 100% natural ingredients, so once you’ve found the answer to your question, simply head along to the fresh fruit and vegetables section at your local supermarket to stock up on a whole host of perfectly balanced culinary delights from Créaline!

If you are unable to find our products in your local supermarket please contact us.

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Our products are designed to be eaten fresh as freezing tends to have a negative impact on their taste and texture.
Provided that they are refrigerated (0° to 5°C), our products can be kept for a maximum of 24 hours after opening.
No – this is the date until which we can guarantee that the product is safe to eat. After this time, we can no longer guarantee that this is the case.
It is perfectly safe to eat our products cold, and some of our mash recipes lend themselves perfectly to this. Our range of mash, is designed specifically to be preserve cold, whilst our Courgette Purée and our Provençale Purée are also delicious cold - it all depends on your own tastes.
Créaline are designed specifically to be kept refrigerated (between 0° and 5°C) both before and after opening (up to 24 hours after opening).
Our products contain salt, so it is advisable to avoid them if you are on a strictly salt-free diet. If you are on a salt-restricted diet, please speak to your doctor about it. We would advise, however, that our products contain among the lowest average levels of salt for purées, mashes and soups.
We do not use any genetically modified organisms in our products. Our raw materials are carefully selected in accordance with a very strict quality charter and we have established partnerships with producers who adhere to the principles of integrated cultivation.
There is no gluten in our mashes or vegetable stews. Any allergens our products may contain are highlighted in bold font in the list of ingredients and the allergens present in our production kitchens are also stated on our packaging and on our website.
Since our products do not fall into the ‘infant food’ (0-3 years) category they are only suitable for children over 3 years of age.