Sweet Potato Mash with a hint of Clementine & Curry

A splash of colour on your plate for the festive season!

Streets decked with lights, catalogues full of toys, Christmas songs filing the air… December has arrived, marking the start of the festive season, but as you get wrapped up in the euphoria of Christmas, worrying about cooking your turkey or preparing your sliced duck, you may well find yourself struggling to come up with new ideas to impress your guests.

Fear not, for our Sweet Potato Mash with a Hint of Clementine & Curry is just what you need. The subtle flavour of winter squash, the delicate sweetness and the beautiful orangey colour of this sweet potato mash are sure to prove a hit, and to make it all the more enjoyable, our Créaline Sweet Potato Mash is free of additives and produced from 100% natural ingredients.

Time to start enjoying great tasting vegetables again!


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Sweet potato 43%, potato, semi-skimmed milk, carrot, crème fra^che, clementine juice 0.55%, salt, ginger powder, curry powder 0.02%. Produced in a factory that uses celery.

Heating instructions

  • microMicrowave : Pierce the film several times. Heat on high for 1 min 30 seconds for one serving and 3 minutes for two servings (750W). Mix before serving.
  • casseroleSaucepan : Add the sweet potato mash with a hint of curry in your pan and heat for 5 minutes over medium heat, stirring regularly.


The sweet potato mash is available all year round for your enjoyment!


A tasty mash to accompany your festive dishes!


Per 100g g

Energy (kcal) 72
Energy (kJ) 304
Fat 1.4
of which saturates 0.9
Carbohydrtaes 12
of which sugars 3.7
Fibre 2.1
Protein 1.9
Salt 0.56
Present allergens Celery


Keep refrigerated between 0°C and +5°C. Once open, enjoy immediately.

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